Liz Barclay Dressage: An afternoon or two with Maarten van Stek

It was an exciting moment for me to meet Maarten van Stek again after all those years. He did not really know who I was as, those thirty years ago, I was just a spectator on crutches at a clinic he gave in the East of Holland. This one-armed man with his calm way of approach, which stuck to every horse and rider he worked with, made me so very greedy to overcome my own issues after an accident. Not only was Maarten an instructor on a mission, when he was riding you simply forgot there was an arm missing. It just looked so very beautiful.

A while ago I translated an article for website Horses International about a one-armed PSG rider on his way to Grand Prix and realized this was the very same guy. So I decided to overcome my shyness and contacted him. Mainly to thank him for the fact that all those years ago he was an important factor in my recovery which made it possible to become the rider and trainer I am now.

Maarten is a very kind man with no ego issues. Despite the fact he of course could not remember me, his answer was warm and inviting. So here I was, on his side, soon with his little dog Tootsie in my lap, as he was teaching in the indoor school of the Van Verre family in Empe. And boy, how nice to listen to his relaxed but alert way of teaching. The punctuality and technical precision, hand in hand with a healthy sense of humor and endless patience, always keeping in mind the emotional and physical well-being of both horse and rider. Treating part of the session as ridden physio with the result a happy horse, keen to up its game when gradually pushed into more challenging exercises.

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